About us

Up to now, VR Coaster is primarily known as the market leader for virtual reality experiences on fun rides. You can find our VR attractions on the largest theme parks in the world, where we give roller coasters and free-fall towers a new kick!

The abbreviation “VR” stands for Virtual Reality – a simulated reality that looks so real that you literally feel like being there. Unique VR experiences is what we do.
Virtual reality has been a megatrend for years, but we’re going one step further: we always combine VR with extraordinary real experiences that don’t exist in the living room at home – roller coasters, freefall towers, bumper cars and now the ocean too! With our brand new Swim VR technology, we’ve created something for everyone who loves the ocean. For those who may not have seen it for themselves. 
Our underwater-compatible Swim VR headsets can be used in any conventional non-swimmer pool. At the moment, we are mainly giving swimming pools in municipals, water parks and hotels the opportunity to offer a pioneering new attraction for the whole family in an uncomplicated way.

With Swim VR, users can discover exotic coral reefs and experience exciting underwater adventures – without a diving license, without traveling, and without polluting our seas.