Diving Theatre

VR snorkeling as a permanent installation – for waterparks, cruise ships, hotels and the event industry. 

Do you want to offer your guests something special without providing your own water areas?

The Diving Theater is a magnificent attraction that will cause a sensation in your company!


The Diving Theatre comes as a complete turnkey solution with integrated jets, audio, heating, water treatment, Swim VR headsets and high-end VR media production. 

  • 2×2 Guest Set Up
  • Up to 60 to 80 guest per hour
  • No specific training required
  • Water depth of 1,10m > no lifeguard
  • Can easily be monetized

Get ready for a groundbreaking underwater-thrill ride. Powerful water streams, air bubble effects and underwater audio are synchronized to a compelling VR adventure. Up to 4 guests can step into the safe non-swimmer pools, hold on to the handles and experience an exciting VR ride. Our Swim VR underwater headset, combined with a snorkel, makes it super easy to use. Each container can achieve a capacity of 60 to 80 guests per hour, depending on the length of the VR media. The ride can be experienced by any water park guests, starting at age of 8. Accessible like an arcade machine, it can easily be monetized and generate a substantial additional stream of revenue in any venue. Our Swim VR headset features crystal clear 4K resolution and is perfectly balanced for underwater use. Batteries can easily be exchanged and charged separately. Container size: the entire facility fits on a single truck!

  • Robust steel structure as per DIN EN 13814
  • Fully insulated pool and technical room
  • Waste Water DN100
  • Fresh Water DIN 15 with min 4 bar
  • Current approx. 50kW
  • No specific training required
  • Water depth of 1,10m > no lifeguard
  • Rider restriction: 8 years / 1,30m
  • 2×2 Guest Set Up
  • Operator can see both pools
  • One button start
  • Emergency stop